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VW Lease Deals vs. VW Finance Offers

When shopping for a new Volkswagen, you have to decide if a financing or leasing your next vehicle is the best decision.

Is it better to lease or finance? That’s a question we get asked a lot here at Bill Jacobs Volkswagen. It’s a decision that’s made even tougher by equally enticing lease deals and finance packages. Take a look at the following breakdowns to see which payment method is best for you:

Going For Our VW Lease Deals

A Volkswagen lease deal (like one of our Volkswagen Taos lease deals) is ideal if you know how much you drive per year, love getting a new car every 2-3 years, and prefer lower monthly payments and down payments.

Lease Deals

Grabbing One of Our VW Finance Offers

A Volkswagen finance offer works when you drive more than 15k miles/year, prefer zero restrictions, and keep your vehicle for more than five years.

Finance Offers

It’s what makes the most sense for you. Both payment structures allow you to take home a beautiful new Volkswagen car or SUV without paying for the full amount out of pocket. What it comes down to in the end is personal preference, and we always encourage you to contact one of our trusted Volkswagen Sales Advisors . From there, all you have left to do is select the Volkswagen model you want.

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The team at Bill Jacobs Volkswagen wants to help you consider the benefits of both options, so you can find out which choice is right for you. Leasing is ideal for drivers who want a temporary option or a lower monthly down payment, but there are also perks to owning the car should you choose to finance. Let’s delve into the details of leasing vs. financing before you visit us in Naperville!

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of money to put down?

A: Leasing a Volkswagen is a great way to access a more luxe vehicle for less, because this option requires a lower down payment if it requires one at all. Additionally, monthly leasing payments are generally lower than monthly car loan payments.

Q: I plan on driving my car for the next several years – should I lease or finance?

A: If you’re the type that drives a car until it’s ready to retire, you’ll want to finance your Volkswagen. You’ll eventually reach the point where you own your vehicle and will no longer have to make payments – then you can either trade in your vehicle or keep on driving it once you’ve gained equity.

Q: If I want the latest advanced tech and features, should I buy or lease?

A: Those who are constantly searching for the best technology available would be better suited by leasing a car. This way, you can play with the latest gadgets and infotainment without worrying about your vehicle becoming outdated. Leases typically last three years or less, so you’ll be able to regularly access the newest features.

Q: If I drive a lot, should I buy or lease my next car?

A: If you log a lot of miles, you’ll want to choose financing. When you lease a vehicle, you’ll typically have mileage limits that could end up being a hassle if you want your driving situation to accommodate your everyday commute as well as the occasional road trip or weekend adventure.

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